Dougie Poynter in London

10 Albums of 2012

6. Imagine Dragons: Night Visions
“I’d say now the idea of putting out an album is equal parts daunting and exciting. We grew up on albums you know? We all listened to vinyl growing up - we put on the record and listened all the way through. It wasn’t so much about the song of the day. That’s something we want to retain, to keep the culture of the album going, and to do that we had to write the best possible songs. To tell a story..” - Wayne Sermon, on Night Visions
Anónimo asked: How did Frankie and Dougie meet? And when did they start dating?

I think they met through friends in common.

And the start dating in 2009 :)

  1. They met at the last GAY gig (before GAY heaven) in 2008,started dating in July/August 2008,he got her number from Mark,there’s a video of the Sats at GAY that shows her talking to Danny/Dougie briefly.(Sorry if it seems rude, I just know this stuff)
  2. Thanks 
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Anónimo asked: i'm a new "The Saturdays" fan, and i just want to know that : Is Frankie Sandford married ??

Oh, no, no.

She isn’t married. She’s engaged.

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If any of us are sad, the first thing we do is go to Danny, he just cheers you up! He is always in a good mood and he says stupid things by accident!.- Dougie on Danny.

Dougie’s my best mate. I looked after him when we started the band, because he was only 15. If we were at school together, his age might have stopped us from being close friends, but now I never think of Dougie as being two years younger than me.- Harry on Dougie.

Tom’s like my lover, feels like I’m married to Tom.- Danny on Tom.

I hate… your abs- Tom on Harry.